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CONNECT: A Social Intranet By OSSCube

Simplify Communication. Improve Collaboration. Lower TCO.

CONNECT is a simplified social intranet platform to create ‘multi-way’ communication fast and easy. It is built to drive employee engagement, connect global teams, and create a thriving company culture for greater workplace efficiency.

Built on the Drupal platform, CONNECT is simple to use, easy to implement, and effortlessly scalable. Deploy quickly in your business environment and open communication floodgates from top to bottom for more enjoyable company culture.


Collabrotion and Sharing Collaboration and Sharing

  • Create, share and manage bursts of information in real-time
  • Don’t let employees miss any major update, important information and other resources useful to them
  • Create Q&A, Polls, and Surveys for crowdsourcing and employee feedback
  • Capture and manage every employee’s knowledge with microblogs, post, videos, and comments for innovation and ideation
  • Create, edit and manage groups for specific purpose and moderate their access levels


  • Recognize and reward the best performing team or individual
  • Provide personal recognition to individuals for their success and achievement
  • Motivate employees to share, learn and grow together across geographical locations
  • Drive innovation within the company by rewarding top ideas and innovation across all departments
  • Encourage a collaborative culture to bring good work in everyone’s notice

elearningE-learning Management

  • Create and manage multimedia content, videos and images
  • Build engaging course by embedding or sharing YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, SlideShare, and SoundCloud links
  • Create an online book library for knowledge sharing
  • Express opinions, observations or expertise with rich media content

ProfileProfile and Friend Management

  • Create a comprehensive and actionable view of an individual employee
  • Customizable profile photo, contact info, work history, location and more
  • See colleagues profile pages, and details with their related activities
  • Build a robust and consolidated view of company employee pool with necessary details
  • Manage alumni and recently joined employees

Event meeting managementEvents and Meetings Management

  • Create and publish events, and meetings with timing, location, organizers and attendees details
  • Track information and status of upcoming event
  • Set counter for major upcoming events
  • Get reminders and set up recurring events
  • Integrate Meeting Room Booking System for booking team meetings

Company ProfileCompany Portfolio Management

  • Create and manage your company portfolio in one place
  • Categorize and filter projects based on various filters
  • Get a higher view of recent success stories with customer testimonials and appreciation

Search What NeedSearch What You Need. Quicker  

  • Perform search based on person, post, and text
  • Smart search field to sort out employees by department wise and location wise
  • Easy-to-search directory of all employees
  • Search site or users with keywords


  • Get actionable insights for your social intranet
  • Check most active users and most popular story
  • Measure the popularity of a post based on likes and comments

Single SignSingle Sign-On and Customization

  • Single click sign on with google account and social icons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+)
  • Customize theme with your branding goals
  • Responsive and mobile to access anywhere on any device
  • Multilingual capability to widen its reach across global teams

AdministrativeAdministrative Control

  • Moderate groups and control inappropriate content and commenting
  • Manage rights who can write, edit or read
  • Set who can create new groups to anyone or admins only
  • Edit or delete all posts in the organization
  • Disable/enable commenting in a group

Email NotificationsEmails and Notifications Management

  • Customizable new post email notifications
  • Customizable email notification for mentioning, comments, and likes
  • Manage comment activity email notifications

CONNECT by OSSCube is not restricted to just these features and benefits. You can customize and scale the way you like. It is all about your creative imagination.

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